15 June 2015 Transmembrane Molecular Recognition

Perfluorohexane gas when introduced in the air atmosphere above a film of phospholipid self-supported on an aqueous solution of C2F5-labelled compounds causes the recruitment and immobilization of...[more]

01 June 2015 A ballet of droplets

The spreading of liquids on water can lead to complex drop assemblies, but none so far exhibits coordinated dynamics. We observe a ballet of insoluble oil drops evolving over time from linear to...[more]

18 May 2015 USIAS Fellowship

Dr. Emilie Moulin has been awarded one of the new 29 fellowships of the Institute of Advanced Studies of the University of Strasbourg (USIAS) in order to develop a project entitled "Supramolecular...[more]

04 March 2015 Control of Supramolecular Morphology by Light

Check our recently published article in ACS Nano: Light-Controlled Morphologies of Self-Assembled Triarylamine-Fullerene ConjugatesBusseron, E. ; Cid, J.-J. ; Wolf, A. ; Du, G. ; Moulin, E. ; Fuks,...[more]

01 March 2015 Welcome to Julie, new technician in the group

From March 1st 2015, Julie Lemoine joint the group as technician and will be mainly in charge of all the chromatographic techniques available in the group (UPLC-MS and prep HPLC).[more]

03 February 2015 PhD Defense

Quan Li  has successfully defended his PhD entitled "Integrated macroscopic motion of molecular motors activated by light" and will keep on working on this project in the laboratory during the next...[more]

19 January 2015 Tiny motors / Large effects

Check our last publication in Nature Nanotechnology Macroscopic contraction of a gel induced by the integrated motion of light-driven molecular motorsLi, Q. ; Fuks, G. ; Moulin, E. ; Maaloum, M. ;...[more]

21 January 2015 Liquid crystalline self-assembled triarylamines investigated

Check our article published recently in Chemistry: a European Journal. Control over Nanostructures and Associated Mesomorphic Properties of Doped Self-Assembled Triarylamine Liquid CrystalsDomoto,...[more]

19 December 2014 HDR Defense

Dr. Emilie Moulin has successfully defended her habilitation (HDR) entitled "Synthesis of complex molecules and supramolecular systems: from biology to materials science" in front of the following...[more]

18 February 2015 Welcome to Manick, new post-doc

From December 1st 2014, Manick Samiappan joint the group as post-doc and will be working,within the framework of a Labex CSC contract, on self-constructing dynamic proteins.[more]