20 November 2014 Check our book chapter on supramolecular electronics in "RSC Smart Materials" series

Everyone seeking for an overview on supramolecular electronics, please check our last book chapter in the RSC book entitled Supramolecular Materials for Opto-Electronics Self-assembled...[more]

01 November 2014 Welcome to Junjun, new post-doc and Simon, new PhD student

From November 1st 2014, Junjun Tan and Simon McKie joint the group as post-doc and PhD student, respectively. Within the framework of the ITN DYNANO, Junjun will be working on self-assembled...[more]

15 October 2014 PhD Defense

Eric Lutz has successfully defended his PhD entitled "Dynamic covalent surfactants for the controlled release of bioactive molecules" and performed in collaboration with Firmenich.[more]

01 October 2014 Welcome to Cristian, new PhD student

Cristian Rete joins the group from October 1st 2014 as a PhD student under the guidance of Prof. Nicolas Giuseppone and will be working on dynamic covalent peptides.[more]

22 September 2014 Check our last paper in ACS Nano

By using a combination of experimental and theoretical tools, we have elucidated unique physical characteristics of Supramolecular Triarylamine Nanowires (STANWs), their packed structure, as well as...[more]

19 August 2014 New website for the SAMS research group !

Out of concern for constant improvement and to serve you better, our group equippe with a new web site. Its conception was jointly operated by our members and the Web et diffusion scientifique cell...[more]

22 July 2014 See our just accepted JACS Article

Healable Supramolecular Polymers as Organic Metals In this paper, we show that conducting supramolecular polymers made of triarylamine, and that have been recently discovered by our group, can be...[more]

08 July 2014 PhD defense

Yunjie Xiang has successfully defended her PhD entitled "Toward multifunctional supramolecular coplymers".[more]

05 June 2014 Groningen-Strasbourg Symposium

An exceptional scientific meeting took place on June 3rd and 4th of this year to the ISIS of Strasbourg with the coming of the teams of Professors Ben L. Feringa and Katalin Barta of the University...[more]

09 April 2014 New publication

Reversible Native Chemical Ligation: A Facile Access to Dynamic Covalent Peptides With a hydrolysis half-time of several years in neutral water the peptide bond is one of the most stable in...[more]