Alssandro Cavasso

PhD Student

Alessandro CavassoAlessandro Cavasso (born in Schio on the 4th of February 1995) studied chemistry at the University of Padua and in 2017 he obtained a bachelor's degree investigating the importance of the sample size for the reliability of a statistical test under the supervision of Dr. Dennis Badocco. He continued his master's study at the University of Padova with particular attention on organic and supramolecular chemistry. During his master's thesis, under the supervision of Prof. Leonard J. Prins, he worked on dissipative self-assembling systems focusing on the synthesis and the characterization of a new surfactant based on the TACN (triazacyclononane) molecule.

Since September 2020, he has joined the SAMS team for his Ph.D. thesis, under the supervision of Prof. Nicolas Giuseppone and Dr. Emilie Moulin. His work focuses on combining rotative molecular motors with dynamic combinatorial chemistry.