Docteur Hosoowi Lee

Post-doctoral Researcher


Hosoowi LeeHosoowi Lee was born in South Korea. She started the combined Ph.D. program at Yonsei University in 2014. At Yonsei university, she studied supramolecular polymers using porphyrin derivatives under the supervision of professor Woo-Dong Jang. During her master period, she published her first paper about supramolecular polymers using porphyrin dendrimer with light-harvesting functionality. After then, she studied a series of porphyrin tripods for the morphological changes. She gained her Ph.D. degree in chemistry in February 2021.

For 6 months (March-September 2021) she worked as a postdoctoral researcher in Jang’s group (Prof. Woo-Dong Jang) at Yonsei university. At this time, her research focused on self-sorting phenomena of the bisporphyrin derivatives in the mixed component systems.

In November of 2021, she moved to Strasbourg to work with Prof. Dr. Nicolas Giuseppone and the Research Director Dr. Emile Moulin at the Charles Sadron Institute of the University of Strasbourg. Currently, her postdoctoral research project focuses on the synthesis and characterization of molecular motors for the motorized network.