Dr. Lara Faour

Post-doctoral Researcher

Lara FaourLara Faour, born January 07th 1993, received her Bachelor degree in Cheistry from the Lebanese University in Beyrouth (Lebanon) in 2013. She then pursued her studies with a master degree in Molecular Engineering and Nanosciences at the University of Angers (France). During her master, under the supervision of Dr. David Canevet, she got the opportunity to work on the synthesis and characterization of organogelators with applications in non-linear optics. In 2015, after her master diploma, she started a PhD under the supervision of Prof. Marc Sallé and Dr. David Canevet at the Moltech-Anjou laboratory. Her PhD work focuses on the synthesis and study of electro- et photoactive architectures using ∏-functional foldamers.

Since January 2019, Lara join the group of Prof. Nicolas Giuseppone working on the synthesis of a new generation of artificial molecular muscles based on [c2]Daisy chain rotaxanes.