Dr. Shoichi Tokunaga

Post Doctoral

Soichi TokunagaDr. Shoichi TOKUNAGA was born in Japan. He received B. Sc from Tokyo Institute of Technology (2013) under the guidance of Assoc. Prof. Gen-ichi KONISHI.  He completed his Ph.D for development of “electro-responsive chiral dopants" for color-modulable cholesteric liquid-crystalline devices under the direction of Prof. Takuzo AIDA at The University of Tokyo (2018). Then, he started his first postdoctoral research with Prof. Takuzo AIDA at The University of Tokyo as JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists.
In 2020 he joined the group of Prof. Nicolas GIUSEPPONE in University of Strasbourg as JSPS Oversea Research Fellow working on synthesis of novel self-assembled triarylamine-based molecules for the development of electrochemical functions.