Welcome to the SAMS research group

Professor Nicolas GIUSEPPONE


Thank you for visiting our website. The Self-assembled Molecular Systems (SAMS) research group was created in 2008 at the Institut Charles Sadron of Strasbourg (ICS) and it is part of the International Center for Frontier Research in Chemistry (icFRC) and of the Laboratory of Excellence on Complex Systems Cemistry (LabEx CSC)

Field of research

Highly elaborated performances characterizing living systems result from both multiple levels of hierarchical organization and time-dependent processes. One of the greatest challenges facing supramolecular chemistry, in particular at its frontiers with physics and biology, is to design molecules in order to spontaneously build (bio)materials with new functional properties at different scales. Nowadays, this so-called “bottom-up” approach in nanoscience can be envisioned by exploiting the programmed self-organization of molecules. Our research group is interested in understanding and controlling self-assembly processes including their dynamics and cooperative effects. This knowledge is expected to generate complex systems, capable of interacting and of adapting to their environment by emergence phenomena. From an application point of view, such properties will be necessary to design the next generation of so-called smart materials.

The SAMS research group innovates in this fundamental field of research by developing new tools in synthetic organic chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, in the field of molecular machines and for self-assembled materials.

For an overview of supramolecular self-assemblies as functional nanomaterials, see our review article.

For an overview of the generation of collective motions using molecular machines, see our recent review article.