12 October 2017 Rotaxane-based contractile gels

In our last JACS communication, we show that the integration of double-threaded bistable rotaxanes within polymer networks can produce contractile materials by amplifying the actuation of the...[more]

02 October 2017 Welcome to Marie-Céline, Alexis and Joakim

From October 2nd 2017, Marie-Céline Samy-Arlaye joins the group as technician and will be in charge of some chromatographic techniques available in the group (mainly UPLC-MS) and help in the...[more]

06 June 2017 A molecular gearbox controlled by light

Please read here our Nature Nanotechnology paper about the tiniest gearbox ever ! See also the nice related news and views by Prof Ke and a video explaining this work[more]

10 April 2017 Sol-gel transitions using molecular machines

Please read here our last JACS article about coupling molecular mechanical bonds and materials properties[more]

16 February 2017 Triarylamine-based supramolecular channels for ion and water transport

Please, have a look at our last JACS paper here. In this article in collaboration with Dr Barboiu in Montpellier, we demonstrate the construction of triarylamine-based supramolecular channels in...[more]

18 January 2017 Supramolecular polymers self-organize at the liquid-liquid interface

Please, have a look at our last JACS paper here. In this article, we show for the first time that supramolecular polymers of triarylamine units can grow and form a dense nematic layer at the...[more]

03 October 2016 Welcome to Mélodie, Yali, Flavio and Damien, new PhD students

From October 3rd 2016, four young researchers join the SAMS research group as PhD students. Thanks to the financial support of IRTG in collaboration with the group of Prof. Reiter (University of...[more]

26 September 2016 PhD Defense

Artem Osypenko has successfully defended his PhD entitled "Supramolecular Self-Assemblies of Triarylamines: Fundamental Studies and Applications" and is currently a post-doctoral associate in Prof....[more]

23 September 2016 PhD Defense

Susanne Schneider has successfully defended her PhD entitled "Synthesis and Functional Properties of Triarylamine Self-Assemblies in Conducting Devices: Electronic, Ionic, and Water Transport...[more]

20 September 2016 PhD Defense

Antoine Goujon has successfully defended his PhD entitled "Macroscopic Amplification of Nanoscopic Motions Induced by Molecular Machines" and is currently a post-doctoral associate in Prof. Stefan...[more]