23 September 2016 PhD Defense

Susanne Schneider has successfully defended her PhD entitled "Synthesis and Functional Properties of Triarylamine Self-Assemblies in Conducting Devices: Electronic, Ionic, and Water Transport...[more]

20 September 2016 PhD Defense

Antoine Goujon has successfully defended his PhD entitled "Macroscopic Amplification of Nanoscopic Motions Induced by Molecular Machines" and is currently a post-doctoral associate in Prof. Stefan...[more]

17 March 2016 New publication in Nano Letters

Organic plasmonic waveguides Energy transport in organic materials is dependent on the coherent migration of optically-induced excited states. For instance, in active organic waveguides, the tight...[more]

27 January 2016 New publication in ACS Nano

Supramolecular Organic Nanowires as Plasmonic Interconnects The prospect of manipulating light with nanometer-scale (sub-wavelength) precision by coupling electromagnetic fields with small...[more]

13 November 2015 Check our new “HOT PAPER” in Angewandte Chemie

We have synthesized muscle-like hydrogen-bonding supramolecular polymers which involve molecular machines as monomers. We show that a local actuation of these monomers gives rise to morphological...[more]

06 November 2015 The SAMS team contributes to an artistic and scientific book published for a broad audience

Since 1870, Deyrolle has equipped French schools with large pedagogic drawings aiming at teaching botany, zoology, physics, geology, mineralogy, etc... 85 of these original illustrations are...[more]

01 October 2015 Welcome to Jean-Rémy, new PhD student

From October 1st 2015, Jean-Rémy Colard-Itté joint the group as PhD student. Thanks to the financial support of Labex CSC and following his master thesis, Jean-Rémy will focus on the synthesis and...[more]

29 September 2015 PhD Defense

Valentina Garavini has successfully defended her PhD entitled "Reversible Native Chemical Ligation for the Design of Dynamic Covalent Peptides".[more]

24 September 2015 PhD Defense

Joe Armao has successfully defended his PhD entitled "Conducting Triarlyamine SUpramolecular Polymers: From Electronics to Plasmonics" and is currently a post-doctoral associate in Jean-Marie Lehn's...[more]

08 July 2015 50 Years of Jean-Marie Lehn's Laboratory

Lehn's past and present group members on the occasion of the 50 years of the lab. Thanks to all for making this meeting unforgetable. Memorable Symposium last week for the 50 years of the Lehn...[more]