Welcome to Mélodie, Yali, Flavio and Damien, new PhD students

03 October 2016

From October 3rd 2016, four young researchers join the SAMS research group as PhD students.

Thanks to the financial support of IRTG in collaboration with the group of Prof. Reiter (University of Freiburg, Germany), Mélodie Galerne will focus on the synthesis and studies of new materials incorporing triarylamine self-assemblies.

With a fellowship from the chinese government (CSC), Yali Zeng will be working as a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Giuseppone on dynamic covalent peptides.

Thanks to the financial support of Idex - International Doctoral Program, Flavio Picini will synthesize and study the self-assembling properties of new compounds based on the triarylamine scaffold.

Following his master thesis, Damien Dattler will be working on contractile materials based on light-responsive molecular motors.