Our Angewandte Chemie paper on Supramolecular Electropolymerization selected as a “hot paper”

05 October 2018

Reported in this article is that supramolecular nucleation‐growth of triarylamine monomers can be triggered by electrochemistry in various solvents. The involved mechanism offers new opportunities to precisely address in space and time the nucleation of supramolecular polymers at an electrode. To illustrate the potential of this methodology, supramolecular nanowires are grown and oriented over several tens of micrometers between different types of commercially available electrodes submitted to a single DC electric field, reaching a precision unprecedented in the literature.

Ellis, T. K.; Galerne, M.; Armao IV, J. J.; Osypenko, A.; Martel, D.; Maaloum, M.; Fuks, G.; Gavat, O.; Moulin, E.; Giuseppone, N. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2018, 57, 15749-15753.