Christian C. Carmona Vargas

PhD Student

 Christian Carmona VargasChristian Camilo Carmona Vargas was born in Cali, Colombia in October 30th in 1992. He began studying chemistry in the year 2009 at the Universidad del Valle (Univalle) in Cali, Colombia. In the last year of his bachelor degree (2014), he worked as undergraduate researcher in hydrazone chemistry under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Manuel N. Chaur. In that same year, he spent two months in a summer internship working on the synthesis and toxicity studies of silver nanoparticles in the research group (GNano) of Prof. Dr. Valtencir Zucolotto at the Physics Institute of São Carlos of the University of São Paulo (USP).Then, in November of 2014, he graduated as Bachelor in Chemistry with his undergraduate research work considered as meritory.

In 2015, he moved to São Carlos, Brazil to pursue his master studies in flow chemistry with the research team (LQBO) of Prof. Dr. Kleber T. de Oliveira at the Universidade Federal de São Carlos (UFSCar). During this time (2015-2017) he had the opportunity to work on the end-to-end synthesis of curcumin and its two naturally occurring analogues (demethoxycurcumin and bis-demethoxycurcumin) combining batch and continuous flow setups.

Then, Christian went back to Colombia and from 2017 to 2018 he worked again with Prof. Dr. Manuel N. Chaur but this time as fellow of the Young Researchers program of the Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation (COLCIENCIAS) at Universidad del Valle.During his time in the Chaur’s group, he worked in the design and synthesis of hydrazone compounds exhibiting dynamic behaviour in response to external stimuli (UV light, metal ions).

In November of 2018, he moved to Strasbourg, France to pursue his PhD studies in organic and supramolecular chemistry under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Nicolas Giuseppone and the Research Director Dr. Emilie Moulin at the Charles Sadron Institute of the University of Strasbourg (Unistra). Currently, his research project focuses on the synthesis and characterization of novel contractile fibrillar materials based on bistable rotaxanes.