Dr Andreas V. Jentzsch

Chargé de Recherche au CNRS (Assistant Professor)

Andreas V. JentzschAndreas obtained his BSc, MSc and PhD from the University of Geneva. His PhD work, obtained under the guidance of Prof. Stefan Matile in 2013, was focused on the fundamental understanding of uncommon non-covalent interactions such as anion-π interactions and halogen bonding and their application in synthetic anion-transport systems. For his PhD thesis he was awarded the “2014 IUPAC-SOLVAY International Award for Young Chemists”.

His growing interest in supramolecular chemistry was further strengthened during a post-doctoral stay with Prof. Bert Meijer at the Eindhoven University of Technology where he studied both model hydrogen-bonded systems and supramolecular materials with applications in spintronics and ferroelectricity. During this period, he was also introduced to super-resolution microscopy and molecular switching.

To further explore both molecular switching and super-resolution microscopy, he moved to Oxford in 2016. This second post-doctoral stay in the group of Prof. Harry L. Anderson, in close collaboration with Prof. Christian Eggeling, was focused on the development of small-molecule fluorescent dyes for RESOLFT (REversible Saturable Optical Linear Fluorescence Transitions) microscopy. In 2018 he joined the group of Prof. Nicolas Giuseppone as Chargée de Recherche CNRS.

His current interests range from the fundamental understanding of non-covalent interactions to the application of supramolecular systems and materials in polymer sciences and (spin)electronics. In both domains, he aims to use molecular switches both to probe (super)molecular properties and to integrate macro- and microscopic functions.