Odile Gavat

Assistant Engineer

Odile Gavat

Odile Gavat is an Assistant Engineer (AI) CNRS and joined the SAMS team in January 2014 to develop new ways of multi-stages synthesis of complex molecules intended to form self-assemblies, also to purify and characterize these molecules with specific properties.

Odile Gavat obtained a D.U.T. (Two-years Technical degree) in chemistry in 1989 at the university of Besançon and was recruited in the CNRS by external competitive examination in December 1993 after having worked in the laboratory of Prof. Guy Ourisson during 4 years as a technician in organic synthesis. Then she worked as AI in the Laboratory of Dynamic of Complex Fluids where she made the synthesis of liquid-crystals, surfactants, syndiotactic polymers and prepared liquid-crystaline and magnetic gels. She joined the Charles Sadron Institute in January 2004 to work with Claude Mathis and then Pierre Lutz on anionic polymerization.

In December 2010, she obtained a master 2, speciality "chemistry-biology- analytical aspects " from the University of Strasbourg and joined the platform of characterization of polymers to take care of 3 lines of Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) multidetection ( Réfractométric, viscosimétric, UV, Light Scattering Distribution) and to develop the A4F technique (Asymmetrical Flow-Field-Flow Fractionation).

During her career, she was:

  • ACMO (person in charge of prevention-safety) during 14 years.
  • Supervised 2 research technicians, some trainees (D.U.T., licence pro, M1, M2).
  • Trainer for the Inter-entreprises professional formation for the SEC department of ICS, T.P. level master 2.
  • Representative of the technical and administrative staffs for the laboratory’s council of the ICS during 8 years.
  • A GFP (French Group of Polymers) contributor in the analysts’network.
  • Member of CNRS committees for recruiting technical staff.

Currently she is secretary of the local safety committee of the ICS and member of the regional committee of safety for CNRS.