Former members

Former Chargés de Recherche (CNRS)

FranceDr. Gilles Waton

Former Lecturers

FranceDr. Gad FUks
University of Perpignan

Former Technicians

FranceCéline Desvignes
Technician 2008-2011
Metz University.



Mélodie Archimbaud
Technician 2013-2014


FranceJulie Lemoine
Technician 2015-2017
Lille University

Former Post-Doctorals

ColombiaChristian C. Carmona Vargas
Post doc 2018-2022
ICS, Strasbourg, France


Dr. Vasyl Chumachenko
Post-doc 2017-2019

ChineDr. Xuyang Yao
Post-doc 2017-2019
Post-doc, laboratoire du Prof. Andreas Walter (Freiburg, Allemagne)

ChineDr. Xiaoqin Zhou
Post-doc 2018-2019
Lecturer, Lingnan Normal University, Guangdong Province (Chine)

IndeDr. Manickasundaram Samiappan
Post-doc 2014-2017
Assistant Professor, Karpagam Academy of Higher Education (KAHE), Coimbatore (India)

ChineDr. Junjun Tan
Post-doc 2014-2017
PI researcher at Aalborg University
             (recipient of the Novo Nordisk Foundation research Grant)

Etats-UnisDr. Justin T. Foy
Post-doc 2014-2016
Assistant Professor, Western New England University, Springfield (USA)

FranceDr. Thomas Lang
Post-doc 2013-2016
R&D Engineer, InterPolymer, Wissembourg (France)

AustralieDr. Thomas Ellis
Post-doc 2012-2015
CAP-XX, Lane Cove (Australia)

Dr. Yves Ruff
Post-doc 2011-2014
Novartis, Basel (Switzerland)

JaponDr. Yuya Domoto
Post-Doc 2013-2014
Post-Doc under the direction of Professor Fujita, University of Tokyo (Japan).


Dr. Cristina Misuraca
Post-Doc 2011-2013
Research Manager, Hunter Group, University of Cambridge (United Kingdom)


Dr. Eric Busseron
Post-doc 2011-2013
PCAS Aramon (France)

GermanyDr. Jan Weiss
Post-doc 2011-2013

SpainDr. José Miguel Navarro
Post-doc 2011-2012
Cynora Karlsruhe (Germany)

EgypteDr. Faris M. El Badri
Post-doc 2010-2011

SpainDr. Juan José Cid-Martin
Post-doc 2009-2011
Assistant Professor University of Seville (Spain)

RoumanieDr. Gabriela Cormos
Post-doc 2009
Assistant Professor University of Bucarest (Roumania)

IndeDr. Prasad Polavarapu
Post-doc 2009

Former PhD Students

Chine Dr. Yali Zheng
PhD Defense 2020 : Vers une efficace mise en œuvre de la ligation chimique native dynamique
Pays-Bas Dr. Melodie Galerne
PhD Defense 2020 : Study of the Structure – Function Relationship of Triarylamine-Based Supramolecular Polymers
Italy Dr. Flavio Picini
PhD Defense 2020 : Triarylamine-based Supramolecular Polymers : Increasing Complexity
R&D Researcher, Flamma SpA, Milan, Italy
France Dr. Damien Dattler
PhD Defense 2020 : Matériaux Intelligents Intégrant des Moteurs Moléculaires Photosensibles : Des Réseaux Covalents aux Systèmes Supramoléculaires
Post-doc in the group
Romania Dr. Christian Rete
PhD Defense 2018 : Dynamic Peptides Libraries based on Reversible Native Chemical Ligation 
 France Dr. Jean-Rémy Colard-Itté
PhD Defense 2018 : Syntheses and physico-chemical studies of materials based on light-responsive rotating molecular motors
Agrégé de chimie, Académie de Créteil, France
 United Kingdom Dr. Simon McKie
PhD Defense 2017 : Double-dynamic elastomers : combining dynamic chemistries in a repairable and recyclable material
Senior Researcher, Coloplast, Copenhague, Danemark
 Chine Dr. Ting Liang
PhD Defense 2017 : Supramolecular polymers of triarylamines : studies in aqueous medium and covalent capture of their self-assemblies
Post-doc ISIS Strasbourg (France), laboratory of Dr. Vladimir Torbeev.


Dr. Qing Cao
PhD Defense 2017 : Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Triarylamines Modified with Nucleic Acid
Chercheur, BOC Limited International, Shanghai (China)

Ukraine Dr. Artem Osypenko
PhD Defense 2016 : Supramolecular Self-Assemblies of Triarylamines: Fundamental Studies and Applications
Post-doc ISIS Strasbourg (France), laboratory of Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn
Allemagne Dr. Susanne Schneider
PhD Defense 2016 : Synthesis and Functional Properties of Triarylamine Self-Assemblies in Conducting Devices: Electronic, Ionic, and Water Transport Systems
BASF, Trostberg (Germany)
France Dr. Antoine Goujon
PhD Defense 2016 : Macroscopic Amplification of Nanoscopic Motions Induced by Molecular Machines
Post-doc University of Geneva (Switzerland), laboratory of Pr. Stefan Matile
Italie Dr. Valentina Garavini
PhD Defense 2015 : Native Chemical Ligation for the Design of Dynamic Covalent Peptides
Post-doc ISIS Strasbourg (France), laboratory of Dr. Vladimir Torbeev
Etats Unis

Dr. Joseph J. Armao
PhD Defense 2015 : Conducting Triarlyamine Supramolecular Polymers: From Electronics to Plasmonics
Post-doc ISIS Strasbourg (France), laboratory of Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn

Chine Dr. Quan Li
PhD Defense  2015 : Integrated macroscopic motion of molecular motors activated by light
Assistant Professor, Hubei University, Wuhan (China)

Dr. Eric Lutz
PhD Defense  2014 : Dynamic covalent surfactants for the controlled release of bioactive molecules
Research Engineer Polymer Expert (Pessac, France)


Dr. Yunjie Xiang
PhD Defense  2014 : Towards Multifunctional Supramolecular Copolymers
Assistant Professor, Southwest University, Chongqing (China)
Suisse Dr. Adrian Wolf
PhD Defense  2014 : Light-Triggered Self-Assemblies of Triarylamine-Based Conjugates
Post-doc Tianjin University (China), laboratory of Dr. Andrew C.-H. Sue
Italie Dr. Stefano Zanirati
PhD Defense  2013 : Synthesis and Nanostructuring Modulations of Self-Assembled Dynamic Amphiphiles
Russie Dr. Artem Kovalenko
PhD Defense  2013 : Stabilization of gaz microbubbles by semi-fluorinated surfactants and iron oxide nanoparticles
Chine Dr. Guangyan Du
PhD Defense 2012 : Micrometric Contraction and Extension of Telescopic Supramolecular Polymers
Assistant Professor University of Chengdu (China)
France Dr. Frédéric Niess
PhD Defense 2011 : Auto-assemblages Photostimulables de Triarylamines Supramoléculaires pour la Conduction Electrique
Post-doc ISIS Strasbourg (France), laboratory of Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn
France Dr. Rémi Nguyen
PhD Defense 2010 : DYNABLOCKS - Dynamic Combinatorial Mesophases and Self‐Replicating Systems
Post-doc University of Toulouse (France)
Liban Dr. Lara Tauk
PhD Defense 2009 : CHIMIE COMBINATOIRE DYNAMIQUE AUX SURFACES - Formation hiérarchique de gradients (bio)fonctionnels fondés sur des monocouches auto‐assemblées stimulables par le pH
Samsung R & D, LCD Department, Eindhoven (The Netherlands)
Chine Dr. Shengguang Xu
PhD Defense 2008
Assistant Professor University of Ludong (China)